Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Improve Circulation with Arnica Infused Massage Oils, Creams, and Gels

A recent article in Massage Magazine caught our attention. It discusses arnica, and how arnica-infused products can help improve circulation. Today we’re summarizing that piece while also exploring how different groups of patients, specifically athletes, can benefit from improved circulation. For athletes, key benefits of a healthy circulatory system include an uptick in athletic performance. The benefits of arnica can be valuable for sports massage clients and others. Read on to learn more. More Blood Flow is A Good Thing We’ve all heard it before, but let’s review the specifics on why it’s important to have healthy circulation. Numerous studies have shown how lack of exercise leads to poor health. Much of this is related to the circulatory system and the flow of blood through the body. When we sit for too long, we start to lose circulation to the extremities, and the organs don’t receive the nutrients they need, including fresh oxygen.

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